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Value can exist in different forms

Although often related to mergers and acquisitions, valuations and business modelling can be useful in other instances too, such as during disputes, business restructuring, pre-deals, post-deals; for tax purposes, general forecasting and budgeting. If undertaking a valuation or business modelling exercise, it is important that both are done correctly. If one variable is missed, over or under reported or simply recorded inaccurately, then the entire valuation or business model is inaccurate and worthless.

It is also essential, in the case of business modelling, to have a robust model that represents all stages of the transaction or process being modelled. A business model that takes only a partial view might be helpful for the part but useless for the whole. That is why it is paramount to have experienced professionals undertake important financial tasks such as these. We at Kress Cooper have done countless valuations and business models for our clients and can confidently do the same for you. With a correctly executed valuation or business model in hand, your yearly budgets, deal negotiations, corporate restructuring and more can go smoothly and confidently.