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Overview of VAT Implementation

We assess the impact of VAT on the business in our Impact assessment area. While doing the impact assessment, we thoroughly analyze the impact of VAT on the business. We assess the related risks at the organizational, operational and financial level. In the implementation phase, we make changes in the businesses to be tax compliant based on the recommendations of the impact assessment. Usually in the VAT implementation we cover the following areas

  • Developing customers and supplier’s communication plan
  • Preparing check list for supplier’s invoices
  • Designing template for tax invoice, tax credit notes etc.
  • Contract analysis
  • Tweaking business processes
  • Amending contracts by adding VAT clauses
  • Advising changes in the system
  • Advising about the controls in the system
  • Performing walk through tests
  • Going live

We make sure, business is tax compliant and adhering to the VAT law.