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We are helping businesses for the completion and submission of VAT.

The VAT Return must be received by the FTA no later than the 28th day following the end of the Tax Period concerned or by such other date as directed by the FTA. Where a payment is due to the FTA, it must be received by the FTA by the same deadline. Where the due date for the submission of the VAT Return and the corresponding payment falls on a weekend or a national holiday, the deadline for filing the VAT Return or making a payment is extended to the first business day thereafter. For the submission of the Return businesses fall under four cycles / staggers of Tax Periods. If there is no business transaction for the Tax Period, you are required to submit a “nil” VAT Return by the respective due date. We are helping businesses for the completion and submission of VAT Returns in the following ways:

  • Sales has been categorized in to the standard rated, zero rated, exempt and out of the scope.
  • Proper output tax has been calculated and filled in the Return.
  • Sales has been classified properly Emirates wise.
  • Proper tax has been calculated on advances.
  • Time of supply rules have been followed
  • Imports of goods as well as services has been calculated and reported properly in the Return.
  • Proper reverse charge mechanism has been applied.
  • Input tax has been claimed on the allowable items.
  • Input tax has been blocked on the non-allowable items.
  • All invoices are as per the requirement of VAT Law.
  • Return has been filled properly and submitted before the due date which is 28th of the following month.
  • Payment has been made by the due date or refund has been claimed as the case may be.